Info about our products

Where do our images come from?

Our urban art images are photographs printed on quality paper or canvases using archival inks in various sizes, the images are taken by our staff and  include images of urban wall murals and graffiti art from around the world.  

  • Graffiti Murals - Wall murals as large as 40 ft x 40 ft!  Each Image is unique and shows this amazing  art as seen through the lens of the camera.
  • Urban Art - These pieces are created by staff members combining multiple images into urban art montages. 
  • Original Art - All photography is taken by staff members or selected professional  photographers .

Photography is sold on printed canvas or as archival prints in various sizes.
Original art works are one of a kind produced by staff or selected artist painted on canvas or other materials such as reverse paintings on plexi glass. 
Original art is sold as original and or may also be sold as limited addition prints signed by the artist.

Are our framed prints and canvases sold ready to hang ?


Each framed canvas/print comes "Ready to Hang" with the following

  • Your selected Urban Art 855 Artwork
  • Clear plexi glass
  • Hanging wire


Can I hang my art outdoors or in direct sunlight?  


We recommend that that you do not hang art outdoors or in direct sunlight.

How thick are our stretch bars?

1.5 inch depth with gallery wrap.

What sizes are available?

Framed prints are available in two sizes

  • 12" x 18" (Outside paper dimensions)
  • 22" x 32" (Outside paper dimensions)


Canvases are available in three sizes

  •  12" x  18" 
  • 22" x 32"   
  • 32" x 46"
  • Larger printed images are available per request.  Please contact us by email 


What are my shipping cost?

Shipping is free within the continental United States .

  • Please email for shipping estimates outside the U.S.


What's your return policy?

All art may be returned to urban art 855 at purchasers cost in exchange for store credit.